Running Because I Can...The Fifth Third Riverbank Run

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A 25K Race. 15.6 miles. May 10th. The Fifth Third Riverbank Run!

I am a mom. A wife. A daughter and a sister. I am a friend. And I am a cancer patient. After a diagnosis of a high-risk strain of non-hodgkins lymphoma, stage 4, I underwent chemotheraphy for 6 months, radiation for 5 weeks, and most recently I had my spleen removed. But I can run. And I am running for Jenny. And for Patty, Chris, Cheryl, Julie, Debby and Annette and all the other cancer warriors who CAN'T run. I was going to wait until I had a clean (hopefully) PET scan at the end of February to decide if I wanted to take on this race. But as my Kenyon friend, Jenny, has taught me......why wait? Jenny has limited time left on this earth. She embraces life to the fullest everyday. And so should we. (update: Jenny has left this earthly world, April, 2014).

Please donate to this charity of my choice. This race is especially for Jenny, but it's also for all warriors who fight this disease everyday. And for my dad, who fought but lost this challenge. And if I am pulled off course by my own batlle, I know that at least I tried. If a monetary donation isn't your thing, send a prayer or good vibrations to the pavement in downtown Grand Rapids on May 10th. I'll need it. 




Kicking Cancers Butt....One mile at a time.

Kicking Cancers Butt, One mile at a time!

140 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $10,000.00
Raised $14,003.25


If you are unable to donate online, please print a donation form to mail in your contribution.